How to Find Challenge Code

This article will explain how to locate the code for your Challenge so your friends can join.

Sending a Code

The code will be shown in two places:

The Challenge invitation - follow the steps below to locate it:

  1. Tap on the Challenge in question
  2. Under teams, tap invite a team member
  3. Invite to Challenge
  4. Select your invite method (text, email, etc)

An invitation message will appear that reveals the Challenge code.

The Challenges detail screen:

  1. Open Challenges
  2. Tap on the name of the Challenge from the home screen
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  4. Click on the invite code

This will copy the invite code that you can share with your friends so they can join the Challenge. 

Finding a Code That Was Sent to You

If you're looking for a code for a Challenge you were invited to, you'll need to ask the creator of the Challenge to send it over to you again.

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