How to Fix a Code That Is Not Working

This article will explain how to resolve potential issues with Challenge invitation codes, such as if the code is not working or if the code is attached to the incorrect account.

Scenario A: Wrong or Invalid Code Entered

Be sure you're entering the invitation code and not the name of the team or Challenge you're trying to join.

Invitation codes are 4 characters, normally a combination of letters and numbers such as br10 or qrbc

If you're not certain of the invitation code, you'll have to contact the person who invited you to clarify what the correct invitation code should be.

Scenario B: Code Already in Use

Error: The invitation code [code] was determined to already be in use, but was entered by [email address] 

In corporate challenges, users are provided with unique invitation codes that are specific to their accounts. If you're trying to participate in a corporate Challenge and encountered the following error message, this means you've already joined this challenge with a different email address.

To correct this and use the code on a different email account, please follow these instructions to reset the code:

  1. First, make sure you're signed in with the account your code is incorrectly associated with and leave the challenge by following the steps below:
    1. Open the Challenges app
    2. Tap on your Challenge
    3. Tap your team name
    4. Select the arrow icon in the top-right corner
    5. Tap Leave Challenge
  2. Delete the Challenges app from your phone
  3. Reinstall the Challenges app from the App Store
    • You can find the latest version of the Challenges app here
  4. Sign in to the Challenges app with the correct account

You should now be able to use your code again and sign up with the correct team.

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