Why Move Goals Are Different Between Players

How is a Move goal set?

Your Move goal in Challenges is not always going to be the same as the Move goal you've set on your Apple Watch.

The challenge Move goal is determined by your weight at the start of the challenge. Because of this, a person's Move goal will vary. 

You'll earn points based on the Move goal that the Challenges app has set for you. 

Why are goals different between players?

People who weigh more burn more calories doing the same activity as someone of a lighter weight. 

For example, a 200 lb person may burn 100 calories on a 35-minute walk, while a 120 lb person might only burn 70 calories on the same 35-minute walk.

You cannot set your own Move goal in a Challenge because your Move goal defaults to be 2x your weight. This is to keep it fair among all participants.

Why do we ask for weight?

Taking your weight into account allows us to use the same rules across the board to keep the challenge fair for all participants. Every person's move goal defaults to be 2x your weight. 

Not comfortable sharing your weight?

No worries! Any user that doesn't feel comfortable sharing their weight should use 150 lbs as the default entry.
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