About the Close Your Rings Challenge

In the Close Your Rings Challenge, teams compete in an activity challenge where points are earned by closing the Apple Watch Activity rings.

The Apple Watch and Challenges app are required.

How It Works

You go about your day closing each ring on the Apple Watch Activity app, and the Challenges app will record the points automatically for you. Check out the scoring section below for how you can earn points.


There are many ways to earn points, all of which are tracked by your Apple Watch! Learn more about Move, Exercise, Stand, Ring Bonus, and Team Bonus Points.

Move Points

Move points are awarded based upon closing the Move Ring. You earn 12 points each time you achieve the Move goal that the Challenges app has set for you. The Move goal the Challenges app sets for you cannot be changed. 

You can earn a maximum of 36 Move points each day.

Exercise Points

Exercise points are awarded based upon closing the Exercise Ring. You earn 12 points for every 30 minutes of Exercise you do (earned 1 point at a time, so 1 point for every 2.5 minutes of Exercise). The Exercise goal defaults to 30 minutes and cannot be changed. 

You can earn a maximum of 36 Exercise points each day.

Stand Points

Stand points are awarded based upon closing your Stand ring. You earn 1 point for each Stand hour that you accumulate. Just like the other rings, you earn 12 points for closing the Stand ring. The Stand goal defaults to 12 hours and cannot be changed. 

You can earn a maximum of 14 Stand points each day.

Bonus Points

Ring Bonus Points

If you close all three of your rings in one day, you'll receive a 12 point bonus!

Team Bonus Points

Work together with your team to earn a bonus. Once you've closed all three of your rings, you'll receive a bonus for teammates who close theirs! You'll earn  4 points for each teammate with a maximum of 12 team bonus points per day.

Note: you cannot earn Team Bonus points if the Challenge was created with the Competition Type set as an Individual Challenge.

For more information, please see How to Earn Points in a Close Your Rings Challenge.

Can I set my own goals?

Your move goal in Challenges is not the same as your Watch Move goal. The Challenges Move goal is determined by your current weight in Lose It!. You cannot set your own move goal in a Challenge because your move goal defaults to be 2x your weight. This is to keep it fair among all participants.

What about Stand and Exercise goals?

Prior to 2020, Apple didn't allow the Exercise or Stand goals to be changed on the Watch. The Apple Watch goals defaulted to 30 minutes for the Exercise goal and 12 hours for the Stand goal. Our app follows these default goals and they cannot be changed at this time.

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