Getting Started - FAQ

How does it work?

Challenges is a free fitness app that allows owners of fitness trackers to combine exercise with friendly competition to motivate participants towards their health goals. 

What are my options for joining or creating a Challenge?

Featured Challenges

  • Each month, we offer featured public challenges that are hosted by the Challenges app. These normally do not run the full month - we allow a handful of rest days at the end of each challenge, and before the next one begins.

    These appear on the main dashboard of the Challenges app. No code is required to join the public Featured Challenges - all you need to do is tap "Join."

    You can also hide the 'Featured Challenges' section by tapping on the collapse button found on the right side of the section.

Private Challenges

  • You can create or join a private challenge. These are not searchable, so you must have the code or invitation link from the creator of the challenge to join one. All challenges are private with the exception of our monthly Featured Challenges. 

What is Lose It!?

Lose It! is a food-tracking and weight loss app. The Challenges and Lose It! apps are both products owned by Fitnow, Inc. The two apps are separate and unique, but the account credentials are shared between both apps. Because of this, at this time, you'll need to use or the Lose It! app to make certain changes to your account.

What are the types of challenges I can join?

Currently, there are three different challenge types: an Apple Watch Challenge called Close Your Rings, Eat Well, and Move More. Non-Apple Watch users can participate in both Eat Well and Move More challenge types by tracking their steps.

There are also two different competition types: Solo Smackdown (individual challenges) and Team Throwdown (team challenges). More info here.

How many challenges can I join?

There is no limit to the number of challenges you can join.

Do I have to join a team?

It depends on the competition type. For team challenges, you can create your own team, join one that already exists, or allow the app to choose a team for you. If you'd rather be a team of one, we recommend setting your team to invite-only

It is not possible to make a team in an individual challenge.

How do I leave a challenge?

Please see How to Create, Join, or Leave a Challenge.

How do I leave a team?

Please see How to Leave a Team.

Do you offer individual challenges?

One of our most highly requested features has been the ability to create individual challenges instead of teams - we're excited to tell you we have finally added this as an option.

We now offer two competition types for challenges: individual and team. Please see Team vs. Individual Challenges for more info.

How do I submit a feature request?

As we develop the product roadmap, we take your suggestions and ideas into consideration. We tend to focus on large-scale opportunities that will impact the greatest number of people. While we may not implement your feature right away, we are always listening to user experience insights from members like you. Use the green Help bubble in the bottom right corner to send us an email.

What devices/integrations are compatible with Challenges?

Please check out this article which explains the different ways you can share track your activity in Challenges.

What's your privacy policy?

You can read our privacy policy here. You can manage your privacy settings by following these instructions.

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